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Our History

cyberXcell professional journey commenced in the remote town of San Fernando de Atabapo in the Venezuelan Amazon, situated between two rivers and challenging to access, with me working as a transmission engineer, specializing in installing satellite antennas and TV transmitters. Over time, I assumed the responsibility of developing the transmission network for TELEVEN one of the major TV networks in Venezuela.

As my expertise expanded, I transitioned into data communications, overseeing the DATA Network Operation Center for the largest telecommunications company in Venezuela, CANTV. 

Twenty years ago, I arrived in Florida, I delved into the dynamic realms of IT and cybersecurity solutions, igniting a passion that continues to drive my professional carrier. 

Fueled by my experience and a strong commitment to excellence, I decided to team up with like-minded professionals who share my passion. We took the challenge and started our own company. This move is all about bringing together the skills and knowledge we've gained over the years. Our main aim is to use all that expertise to give our clients the best value possible.

Lourdes Gimenez

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